Xti amp running 1ch in and 1ch out

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finlay    0

Please direct me, if this has been answered.

I am still not absolute after reading the manual. Running the amp in bridge, it's showing both inputs in use. I want to run mono in and mono out. I believe I need to switch to input mode "Y" and then select output mode "Bridge".

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dakos    0

It would help me help you better if you write down your whole rig and what it is you're trying to do...

Input Y mode saves you the use of a Y cable and sends the signal from channel one into both channels. That means the amp is configured for dual mono operation.

When you set the amp to bridge mode the amp sums the signal, I'm not sure if it switches to CH1+CH2 mode or it sums the signal in the background and you will be able to use the Y mode with bridge mode but the easiest thing to do is just try it and see.


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