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XTi amps keep going offline

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surgesound    0

I'm having fits with my XTi 1000, 2000 & 4000 amps repeatedly going offline in both Audio Architect and Band Manager. It only happens when the amplifiers are producing power under load. I've tried connecting them each individually to the USB port on my notebook, and they'll stay online, but when connected through a D-Link powered 4 port USB hub, we get the symptom. I've tried putting the hub on a separate power source (thinking that maybe there was some power line voltage sag that was too fast for my meter), but no improvement.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any ideas would be greatle appreciated!

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joust    0

Please try the Crown USBX device:

A built-in Wi-Fi access point allows USBX to become a powerful and convenient tool for managing Crown XTi2, CDi and DSi amplifiers via the Powered by Crown iOS application. The primary intended use of USBX is as an interface to Crown USB-enabled amplifiers which connect either directly, or via a downstream USB hub to a USB port on USBX. Then the amplifiers can be accessed via the RJ45 gigabit Ethernet port on USBX or wirelessly via the wireless access point which is built into USBX


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