Speaker Static Noise

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bstrong06    0

I have CDI 1000 and CDI 4000 Amps. JBL VRX Series speakers and Subs.Wi

With the inputs connected or not connected we get an audible static sound (white noise perhaps) coming from the speakers. These speakers had just been installed but yet people do not want to use the ne system because of tho static fuzz noise.I

are there any suggestions in how to get rid of this static fuzzy noise?

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dakos    0


The way you get rid of the noise is to pinpoint the source of it and deal with the problematic device or some other thing that might cause the issue.

Surprisingly this is very common and mostly not that big of a problem to locate.

In general there are many causes for buzzes, hums, static and many other names but if the source cables are disconnected, and both amps are effected and fed from the same socket, then I would check the quality of the ground (megger test) on the grid socket from which those amps are getting their power. Any electrician should be able to preform this test. If it's only one amp that's effected, and both amps are fed from the same socket, then this amp needs to get serviced.


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joust    0

Another test would be to locate another AC source, far from the site, such as your home. Try the amplifier with a set of home speakers and re-evaluate the symptom.

Does the level of the buzz get modulated with the level controls?

Does the level of the buzz change with different preset configurations, such as using EQ, limiter, etc. We can then determine if the problem is perhaps before or after the DSP.

Also, since you using a CDI, configure an EURO connector with all leads tied to the center pin or ground, input leads that is. What is its behavior now?


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