Ch1 crossing over to Ch2

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therefor    0

I have 4 newly installed 8 ohm EAW cabinets mounted 40 feet in the air (unfortunately), connected (speakon) to two Crown CE2000's (stereo)

Speakers 1 and 4 work fine on any amp, any channel.

When I connect cabinets 2 or 3, they make the amp work very crazy.

My input has to be on channel 1 and it outputs only on channel 2.

I've eliminated the input source by using a different input and got the same results.

My problem must be in the wire or the cabinet.

Your thoughts please while I find a 40 foot ladder and try and kill myself.



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It sounds like it is either in the wiring or the cabinet. Before you haul out the ladder, you may want to measure the loads of both the non functioning speakers and the functioning speakers to make sure that the cables are connected correctly. An impedance bridge would be a better tool then a multimeter, but it a multimeter is what you have it will do the job.

Check the impedance across the same pins of the NL connector on the speakers and see if there is a short or an open. It is possible that either the pins got swapped at some point, or the cable got crushed resulting in a short.

Looking at the wiring you are indicating as being required, my hunch is that there is a wiring issue somewhere in the system.

Good luck.

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DGlass    0

I would verify all my wiring is correct (wire for wire). The Speakon output connectors on the CE Series amplifiers are wired so that pins 1+/- on each of the ouput connectors will give you the output for the channel it is associated with. So… Pins 1+/- for the channel one output Speakon will give you the ch1 output and Pins 1+/- of the ch2 Speakon connector will give you the ch2 output.

Heres the tricky part the ch1 Speakon also has ch2 on pins 2+/-.

Depending on if you are using 4-conductor wire or not and the box’s Speakon wiring configuration you may have some crossed wiring going on.

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