XLS402 strange clipping

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stomashek    0

An XLS 402 that we use for monitors is clipping this morning. Last weekend it was working fine. What is strange is that it is clipping with any input level. The input gain on the amp is set to about 50%, and in this case, the only signal is bass guitar. Even if I drop the output from the mixer, it's still clipping no matter how low the input level is. The only time the light isn't on is if there is no signal present.

This is happening on both channels. Normally the amp just sits in a fixed rack at the church. Once a year we do and outdoor picnic and we bring it to that. That was last week. So maybe something got beat up in transportation.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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joust    0

Hey Stom,

I would start by investigating for lvps (low voltage power supply): Check the two 18V zener diodes that regulate the lvps. They are located beneath the input circuit ribbon cables.

Also, verify the amp's main power supply, watch out for domed or leaky caps.


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