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Crown XTi 6002 "Hi Line"

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SwissUser    0


I own a 2 year old Crown XTi 6002. Yesterday, it shut down during a show (Used for a delay line, 8ohm @ max. -10dB, line voltage 235-238V 50Hz). Now, when i restart it, it runs between 5-20s, then "Hi Line" appears on the display and it shuts down again.

If there are no speakers and no signal connected, it runs for hours.

Does anybody have an idea, what "Hi Line" means or any assumption what could be broken?

Unluckily, the swiss crown dealer only offers 1 year of warranty :(

Thanks and greetings from switzerland,


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joust    0

Hello and welcome Phil! A 'Hi Line' message is usually to indicate that the mains AC voltage is seen as being too high. Though you do mention 235VAC (within its capacity!).

Is it possible for you to get your hands on a Variac? Then you could verify the validity of the message, if the message should disappear when you bring the AC down from 235V to let say 220V.

If the Variac (or variable transformer) doesn't resolve your issue, then you may have an internal fault and should be looked at by an authorized Crown service center.



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