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I have 2 Kilomax Pro 18 subs that I need to power. They are rated at RMS 1250 at 8 ohms each. Is the Crown xti 4000 enough to power them both?

How should I connect the system? Should I run it in bridge mono mode?

Also, I have 2 Electro Voice 15 inch 300 watt speakers for my mains. I am planning on powering those with a QSC GX5.

Do I need a separate crossover for this system or can I just use the built in crossover in the Crown xti 4000?

How should I wire the system? Mixer to xti 4000 then line out to the QSC GX5?


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dakos    0

Hello and welcome,

The specs given by eminence are vague on purpose, they are about 600W RMS.

Now this is were I make your life a bit difficult about your question if the XTi being enough... You'd have to define what's enough, it will move those subs reliably but not to their full potential, you'd need an itech 4000 and up to use their full potential. On the other hand you are powering your tops with the GX5 so it looks to me like a good match. After you connect everything and you feel you need more bass then it would be the correct time to think about upgrades.

Here is a link to a post I explained in detail how speakers are matched to amps and why:

No, you don't need an additional crossover, the GX5 has a built-in crossover at 100Hz so you can make due with that.

You daisy chain the two amps from the mixer, the most comfortable way to do that is mixer to XTi, XTi out to second amp.


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