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jca380    0

I have currently many xti amp and i want to replace them by itech. I run a vrx pa on them. I want to use the process inside because i dont want to buy a driverack or a xta. The itech are at good price but ive heard they are not that much realiable. Any one knows if the hd are more reliable? Those new itech hd sound better(i have been said) and they got the bss process inside and levelmax. + cobranet seem to me to be a advantage and the new v5 preset. My question is, is it really worth paying 1000$ per amp to get those new itech hd.


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dakos    0


I can only tell you the differences between the two and you have to figure out if they are worth the extra $1K.

The newer series are more reliable (not by far since the older were pretty good as well), they have a bit more continuous power but their major upgrade is in the processing, that's the reason the big sound companies have moved to the newer HD line. The older itechs are now about six years old and if you purchase them now you'll sell them in about three to four years, they'll be ten years old and that's allot, for me that alone would move me to the HD line. That's my $0.02

How many do you need?


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