xls 2000 and JBL L100t3

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etb    0

any thoughts about using a xls2000 (375w into 8 ohms) to power a pair of JBL L100t3's (rated for 400 w pink noise w 2214H /104H / 035TiA drivers). The xls series are sold as 'pa amps' - but how well might they work with audio speakers? Thanks, in advance, for your help with this.

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dakos    0

Here is a link to your speakers manual:

Great speakers :)

The maximum recommended amp power is 400W so the XLS2000 would be great. Just make sure you feed them PA signal levels (up to 1.4V) and not line level consumer signal. There are many low cost units that do this simple conversion, even a cheap Mackie mixer can do that and give you a bit of added value when you want to connect more things...


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