Generator use with crown amps

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A yearly gig that I provide sound production for has changed HS football field venues this time around. In the past I have always had wall-power (one 20 amp circuit) to run my rig (rack of: one XS4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 all run stereo/non-bridged) for a 3-way Yorkville TX system. The DJ has had the lights "dimming with the beat" but has not tripped a breaker in past years...

All of that said, this year's event has changed venues to a HS football field where there will not be any "hard-wired" power. This event will have donated generator power for lighting a football field plus providing power for the stage.

I have powered my rack with a Honda EU3000is generator in the past with no problems, however, I have never run my rig off of an industrial (non-inverter) generator.

My question for Crown tech's (and anyone else with practical experience):

- Can my above-listed amps run on a "non-inverter" generator?

I can "cobble together" a rack of two Crown K2's and one Crown K1 to limp through the gig. (Will K1/2 amps work with non-inverter amps?) It will probably not "cut it" (be loud enough) as my regular racks/rig (with proper power) would......

Bottom line:

Can the below-listed Crown amps be powered by a non-inverter (industrial) generator?

- XTI4000

- XS4300

- IT6000

- KI

- K2

I never had this problem when my rig consisted of microtech amps (back in the 90's)...heavy as *beep*...but would run anywhere......

Please advise.

Mike Monte

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Hello there Mike,

Inverter generators have a few advantages, they make stable sine wave at a stable frequency no matter what speed the generator is spinning at. Because of that they can let the motor spin at low speed when the current demand is small and save fuel. On the other hand they are more expensive to make and even more expensive to make properly (pure sine wave). Regular (=non inverter) generators need to run at a constant speed to make the correct frequency, 3600 RPM for 60Hz, so it depends on how stable the speed of the geni is.

I don't know what you mean by "Industrial Generator"... If you mean a really big and stable generator then it's even better the am inverter based generator but if you mean a cheap generator build for lots of power at the cost of not being stable enough then these genies are no good. Do you have the specific model of the generator you are going to use?

One must not forget that the grid is just a big, very stable geni, no inverters there...


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