Are first generation Itechs supported at this time?

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mikem    0


My 3 racks consist of one Crown xs4300, one XTI4000, and one IT6000 per rack.

They have been bullet-proof (aside from a ribbon-cable issue in 2 of the Itechs....once the ribbon cable issues were corrected, they have worked flawlessly).

I assume that the xs4300 may not be supported by Crown anymore (is it?).

Are the first generation Itechs still supported (can I send them in for service) by Crown? I have been reading in other forums that they are not supported. I live in the US.

I am hoping that my racks will serve me as well (or better/longer) than my original Microtech racks....20+ years (they would probably be still working for me if I hadn't sold them).

Please advise.

Mike Monte

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dakos    0

Although I haven't checked it myself I'm pretty sure the first gen XTi's are still serviceable, after all the second gen XTi's were just introduced in 2011 and the first gen were sold with a 3 year warranty.

Those 20+ years are tough to beat :)


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joust    0

ITechs are still serviceable, but at the component level. There may still be some odd module left but I haven't been able to get my hands on any main boards for quite some time.

If you get an older ITech in service, or if you have time for some IT refurbishment, at the least, remove the BCA coils, remove the old solder and apply a new coat of solder to the leads. I have found some cracks at the solder level that can become problematic.


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