Is the outdoor Temp. a concern with self powered Arrays?

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Nera25    0


I'm using JBL 4888DP's for a few outdoor events this summer in Las Vegas.

These units are self powered with Crown Amps. Should I be at all concerned with the High Vegas heat? Is it that much better to go with an Amp Rack in high heat?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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dakos    0

Dear Nera,

Vegas summer heat is very demanding on our gear, these are great speakers but excessive heat can cause permanent damage to the neodymium magnet, lightweight comes with a small price... Will you be able to provide some kind of shading for those speakers, active or not?

As for going with a separate amp rack that is preferable when it comes to thermal management at these conditions but they will need shading as well but I never had hands on experience with those specific speakers in the temps you will encounter.

I would suggest posting a question on PSW, many more people there, chances are people who own the same gear you do will have better answers for you, more then the general summer advice I can provide :)

Good luck


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