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For TCP/IQ traffic, a 100BaseT system is recommended. The protocol is TCP/IP and udp based so it will work with any standard 100BaseT system.

If you are going to be using CobraNet on the same network, we recommend that you check Peak Audio's website ( and follow their guidelines.

We have had customers who have had successes with systems ranging from the $40 products to the $3,000 products so do not let price be your concern. Many cusomters have been very happy with the HP 4000 Series of products.

For more information about setting up the router, you may want to check

If you are going to be using TCP/IQ across a router, a "Proxy" device on other side of the router from the control computer must be defined. This device is used to assist in getting the path connected. To select a proxy device simply go to Settings and then Network. Select a TCP/IQ component's IP Address and add it to the Proxy line.

Hope that helps.

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By using the computer industry standard TCP/IP Ethernet protocol our TCP/IQ products and IQwic software can be used with pretty much any off the shelf network components.

Any Fiber network converter that can convert TCP/IP Ethernet protocol (like those used by computer networks) will work.

However, if you are going to use CobraNet I would recommend you also talk to the boys at Peak Audio as they have done testing on a number of network components for use with CobraNet digital audio transport.

The network switches and routers, that they recommend, with fiber backbones will also work with our TCP/IQ products as they both operate under the TCP/IP protocol.

Their tested products can be found at:

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