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kanders70    0

Im looking to buy one of the xls power amps to power a Sansamp Bass Driver. My speaker cabinet is an Ampeg 410 hlf 4 ohm RMS 500 watt and 1000 Peak. Which of the xls amps would you suggest using for this application?

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dakos    0

OK, this question is a bit tricky and I'll explain. First of all putting a 4 ohm load on a bridged amp or 2 ohm stereo is an extremely strenuous task for any amp, especially an amp that is about to be driving a bass bin such as yours. I wouldn't feel comfertable recommending you an amp that is a "good fit" spec wise but it's going to work at the extreme end of it's power output.

Second thing to take into account is peak vs RMS power capability of the cab, with the XLS series, or any budget amp from any other manufacturer for that matter (Crown XTi series excluded, they are the only ones that have a real limiter built in), there is no built in way to limit the amps RMS/continuous power, so when you work like that you need an amp not much stronger then the continuous power of the cab cause you may inflict some real damage to the drivers.

Now that all the theory is in place I think that if you're on a budget and want to use the amp in bridge mode then even the XLS1000 would be more then you need. If you have a bit more then go for the XLS2000-2500 and put it on one channel. If you have an external limiter then we can take advantage of the full cabs capabilities...

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