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Greenfingaz    0

Hey Guys,

Im new to this forum but because its a crown forum i though i would give it a go as i am looking for crown products... ok, so im building a top cab for my rig comprizing of 6 bullets and 2 comp driver which is rigged for 500W @ 4 OHM. i only have one of these boxes so i am looking to use it in Mono... I have a mac tec 5002VZ, XTi 4002, Xti 2002 and 2 others for the rest...

so any suggestions of what amp to use to power top cabs at 500W, 4 OHM Mono?

Many Thanks.

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dakos    0

I can answer your question very simply by telling you to connect the whole thing to one channel of the XTi 2002, even the 1002 would suffice, but I feel I'm missing the point here since I don't know what is it you're trying to do and I really don't understand why do you want to connect so many drivers that share the same spectrum... Please further elaborate on these topics.


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