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helicool    0

During the updates for my IT4000 rack I've delved deeper into IQ 1.3 and I'm trying to get a better understanding of the IQ Software - thanks to the phone support, I've got my Limiters set up correctly and all seems to be good. 9The peak voltage limiter is still a little confusing to me, but I'll leave that to another day....

In setting up the Error Reporting, I can't find any reference to what exactly the "Count" and "Time" settings are -

I assume they mean " Report a clip error if X amount if clips occur in X amount of time" - but the time counter has no reference (is it in hours, minutes, seconds or frames?)

Also, once the rack comes back to the shop, can I "run an error report" using IQ or should I just check the error on the front panel of the amps?

Thanks - any tips or tricks are appreciated!


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DGlass    0

The clip "time" setting is in seconds. The clip error reporting sets up as - Report an error if there are the selected amount of clip counts in the selected number of seconds.

A good way to find answers to questions like this quickly is in the help file. When you have a control panel open for a device the “Help” for that device in the lower left hand side of the control panel and is the yellow circle with a red question mark.

The error reporting you are describing is for when the device is connected to a computer and you wish to log them. The errors on the front panel are a running tally and most can be reset.


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