DC300A hums

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neuf512    0

My ole DC300A hums, not through the just has a humming sound emanating from the amp. I was looking for a pdf manual to see if there were any suggestions, but could not find an old user manual. If anyone has any suggestions or a link to a manual, I would be most appreciative.


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bobbysdad    0

It's the transformer that's humming but I just can't remember the fix.

(The ol' brain's just not it used to be.....)

Someone else is bound to step in with a solution.

In the meantime, you can find the manual for this (and other legacy amps) here:

All the best...

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Some dc300a amps had quite bad transformer hum, if the belly band around the tx is copper it shouldnt hum too bad, if its later aluminium band it will hum a lot more.

Best to make sure the transformer pimary has been set to correct mains voltage for your country.

You should have + / - 60v dc voltage rails inside the amplifier if the transformer primary has been configured correctly.

Often the primaries were set wrong resulting in an overloaded transformer and a bit more buzz than there should be.

good luck

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