XTI 4002 presets for dB technologies Arena series

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Hello guys,

first - sorry for my bad English! :rolleyes:

I have got an Crown XTI 4002 amplifier and I absolutely love it, but there is a little problem. I am a PA noob and I have no idea of programming presets for my device because I do not understand all the settings.

So I thought that you can may help me. I have got a speaker system of dB technologies.

2x dB Arena 12" Top ( =87&tx_amdbt_pi1[product]=106"]Click )

2x dB Arena SW 15 Sub ( =87&tx_amdbt_pi1[product]=113"]Click )

The XTI is the only amp for the system (not biamped).

Can anyone tell me which presets I should make or is there a preset for this system? Please help me, I want to fully enjoy this great amplifier! :)

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dakos    0

Hello Casio,

There are no presets available for these speakers, you will have to make your own. You can do that by downloading System Architect or Band Manager2, installing them on a laptop, connect your amp via a usb cable to the laptop and configure away :) both these programs are not self explainatory but are pretty easy to get handle on and achive what you want. There are allot of video tutorials to help you get started. All is available freely on the Harman Pro web site.

If you need help with anything else feel free to ask, even if you don't undestand what it is you need...

Good luck


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