XTi4000 switches itself off

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Got an XTi here that will randomly turn itself off. I assume the SMPSU is being commanded off due to an intermittent detected fault such as DC/LF etc. The question is, might there be a way to find out the cause of the trip? Once the power goes off, live fault tracing is impossible..and when the power's on, it all works ok! The amp might be idling a few hours when it decides to power down.

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Bear with me and remove the top cover. Inspect the location for the left cover screw. You may have to lift the heatsink's plenum a bit. Confirm that the screw hole is aligned (or not!) with the heatsink. In certain cases, the side cover screw is too long and can make contact with the Ch1 heatsink. (The aluminum heatsink material can expand with heat and eventually make intermittent contact with the cover screw and cause the amp to shutdown.) If the screw has made contact with the heatsink, it may have left a small identation on the heatsink fin. Inspect closely the aluminum fin. Replace the screw for a shorter one.

If the screw hole should be aligned mid way between the two heatsinks, then this is not the cause. I would need further information. Though, if the unit is still powered up and in shut down, it would still be possible to get SMPS information because the SMPS should still be running but in protect mode.


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