5000vz GREEN LIGHT ONLY on one channel

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iantepper    0


In stereo mode i have 1 channel working (RED light only on ODEP) and the other channel showing just a GREEN light (Signal/IOC) with no audio on output.

No other lights on other than ENABLE.

What has caused this ?

Is there something i can do other than send to repair ?



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joust    0

Hello Ian,

Usually, when the ODEP is off, means that there may be an issue with the output section of the faulty module. Verify if the the rail voltages are symetrical (+45V, -45V). If not, simply measure output transistors' CE resistance (via the flyback diodes: if a diode appears short, then you have a shorted output device).

I've also had issues with the 30A fuse, if it's open. An open 30A fuse means that a rectifier bridge has a shorted diode.


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