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CTs 600 - burned resistor that is not on the schematic?

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jguay    0

Hi all. I picked up a Crown CTs 600 that will not power up (paid nothing for it). Opened it up and see a ceramic resistor labeled R565 (ceramic disk type about the size of a quarter) that is burned up and split. I downloaded the Crown CTs 600/1200 service manual and cannot find R565 at all. Literally, the BOM list skips right over it listing R564 then R566.

Anyone know what the deal is with this resistor? What specs for replacement? Any help would be appreciated as I try to bring this amp back to life.

-- Jason

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joust    0

Hello J,

R565 was initially a MOV component. Since 2005/6, this component has been removed and not installed on production runs. Please do not replace component but remove it! :)



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