Need tunings for IT8000 for SRX725 and 718s

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Can anyone help me with tunings for setting up 2 srx725 and 2 srx718s on one it8000. Im using the 725 full range. 2 boxes per channel. Only have one amp. Ive tried several settings on the 718s but i dont like how they sound. Please advice.

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dakos    0

Do you have any other gear? Amps, processors? If you only have one amp you will loose the stereo...

You need to get a laptop and install system architect (free), then setting up will be much easier. If you download the tuning files from JBL for the SRX series then there is a PDF file within the ZIP file you download that has all the data to configure the itech.

Are you useing the 725 as full range and at the same time that you're useing the 718s?

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