Experience Sound Guy Input on Mobile DJ Setup JBL/Crown

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Lowell2k9    0

Hello all, my dj mobile setup is a pair of JBL SRX722's, pair of JBL SRX718S, driverack PA+, Crown XTI6002 amp,

pair of Crown XTI4002 amps. I'm powering the SRX722's with the XTI6002 in stereo and the SRX718 subs in bridge/mono

(1 sub for each amp). I contacted crown audio to see if they have bandmanager for Mac Book, they only have it for PC.. Not good.

I've rewired speakon cable for amp side.What do you guys think about me getting around bandmanager for making setting adjustments? Also do you think long term that I could damages speakers/subs with these amps? Last, how would you set up this system if you had it? thanks

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dakos    0

Hello to you too :)

You have a great setup...

First thing about the MacBook and bandmanager, what I did was just to install Win7 Via BootCamp, I know it takes quite a bit more space on my little SSD but I also use mulilanguage documents so I need a proper office suite, available only from MS, may be you can install Win XP, that would take only about 1GB including BM-II. instructions here for installing XP.

Now for the damages, sure you can cause damages, I guess you're asking bacause you have speakers with very high wattage specs, the problem with amps is that when you go into clipping they can output as much as 2.5 times their rated output and damages quickly happen that way. Also with these amps you have allot of continuous power but not enough peak power. Amps nowadays have about 1dB of headroom (ratio between max continuous output and max peak output) and speakers have 6dB of headroom so what we, as soundman, need to do is to choose an amp with enough peak output without clipping and limit the continuous output to restrict damages and also not to get into Speaker Power Compression. To avoid going into power compression we typically limit the amps continuous wattage to 1/2 to 1/4 of the continuous speaker rating sometimes even more depending on the headroom the music we play needs. So as you can see, if you clip the amps, damages will happen very quickly.

As for the configuration, I would strongly suggest you to skip the DriveRack PA+ compleatly unless there is a specific feature you need from it that the internal amps DSP doesn't have. Using the configuration files from the download section here would give you a good starting point.

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