running just one channel - XLS 1500

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wildhair    0

Hi, my searches didn't find what I was looking for. Hopefully this is not a dog-eared topic... (newbe alert)

I am using a Crown XLS1500 as the power amp for my bass stage rig.

I don't need huge power, since I am typically just driving one 4ohm cabinet on stage and either the PA handles the rest or I am in a smaller club.

Anyway, I am currently running in bridged mode, but that kind of power could really do a number on the speakers in a volume accident.

Plus I can't garrantee that the real impedance doesn't drop below 4ohms at any point.

I would really just like to run only one channel and let the other channel be completely disconnected.

Is that OK? Some amps are ok with that and others are not. I could not find an answer for this particular unit.

Is there any steps I can take to safely just run one channel?

Thanks in advance,


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dakos    0

No measures needed to run only one channel, just connect one channel and you're good to go.

As for the lower then 4 ohm on the speakers, it's a well known character of speakers impedance to go a bit up and down from the nominal 4 ohm impedance it's rated for and amps that are rated for 4 ohm operation are designed to handle that fluctuating impedance load, so don't worry about not being able to garentee that the speakers don't go below the rated nominal impedance just match the speakers nominal impedance to what the amp was designed to work with.

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