XLS 1000 ART Clean Box Pro Help

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petrella90    0

Hel lo,

Did what everyone suggested, hooked up a Clean Box Pro but now I dont get

any sound. What I have is XLS 1000 amp running from the single Phone Jack

(Receiver) to duel RCA to back of Amp. Then Duel RCA reveiver Aux to single

plug to cell phone, ipod, etc..... Work with that set up.

When I put the Clean Box between Receiver and cell, ipod etc, NO Sound.

What am I doing wrong? Please Help. Thanks.

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dakos    0

Have to go over tha basics... You connected the power... You switched it on... You turned the knobs all the way? You connected the receiver to the input and the amp to the output? If you did everything correctly then you have a defective unit!!

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