Best amp for HT subwoofer

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alexg5775    0

I have a tht-lp and want to purchase a crown amp to power it. In future i would like to make a second tht-lp so a 2 channel amp is preffered. I am looking for ~400-500rms at 4 ohms for this sub.

I am leaning towards a xls1500 drivecore but also considering a xti1000 and willing to consider any other. Amp needs to obviously be power full between 20hz-80hz. A subsonic filter is not really needed. I would like a DSP feature or a good EQ system.

Thanks in advance for help,


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dakos    0

Hello Alex,

Both the XLS and the XTI will do great in a home theater environment, the XTI has quite a few more configuration options if you need them. Concerning the wattage of the amps, I would suggest going one step higher, the XTI2002 or the XLS1500.

I also want to suggest you read this link:


It has some good info for you.

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