xls1500 with 4 - 4ohm dvc drivers (2 boxes)

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spowers777    0

Can anyone suggest the best wiring diagram to run these?

I have four drivers that I plan to run two drivers in one enclosure. 4 drivers total - 2 enclosures.

What is the best way to wire these to get the best performance?

There seem to be a few different options and I want to get the best one, even if I have to wire both enclosures together.


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dakos    0

My guess is you're into that 4 ohm bridge or 2 ohm stereo configuration, correct?

Since the drivers have dual 4 ohm voice coils you basically have 8 X 4 ohm resistors that you need to connect to get 4 ohms total or 2 X 2 ohms total, Well, I think it doesn't add up, you can have 2 X 4 ohms, on each driver connect each voice coil in parallel to the other voice coil and then every two drivers in series with the other driver and that's how you get 2 X 4 ohms total. The difference in watts between a 2 X 4 ohm and 1 X 4 ohm or 2 X 2 ohm configurations is not audible so don't be disappointed :)

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