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sharyboo    0

Hello I just bought an itech 8000 used from a rep and had a few questions.

The amp fan comes on at idle with no load, loud and turns down after 30sec to 1 min, every 2 mins , is that normal?

I have 2 itech 4000 and a 6000 and on idle they start up loud but run at a very low speed after.

I have the lastest firmware . Is this a repair issue?

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dakos    0

I see you got i-Techs for that rig of yours, that's great as I'm sure you'll enjoy them allot. Try to use the internal limiters as they are very high power amps and damages might happen if not used properly (even if you don't clip anything).

Unfortunately it sounds like a problem in need of fixing, this is not normal amp behavior :(

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