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steve    0

Hi everybody,

...first of all sorry for my english.... I´ll try my best...

I´m working for a company owning I-Tech 4000 Amps in use with JBL Vertec and other brands, before the I-Tech we used CTS3000 Amps. I wrote down the pip usp3 settings and transscribed them to the I-tech amp, but I experienced some gain problems...

Question 1

I´m giving full input level right before input clipping-- but after the eq section there is a big loss of gain, the output is very low (espacially in a sub presets)-- the I-Tech has no Output Gain (like USP3), so I tryed using a Hi-Pass Filter to boost the signal,

playing with this a while I reconized some assign functions in the object control editor: Channel gain/ Output trim, I couldn´t find thes features in the control panel of the amp ?!?(also not as a slider control) I was thinking of boosting the loss of gain from the eq with the channel gain, is this ok ? what does output trim mean ?

Question 2

(we are not using the JBL Presets for the Vertec), I downloaded the JBL presets and wondered why the gain of hi- and lo-pass filters is reduced so much ?

Question 3

when can i get a first version of HQ-Net ? Probably there woun´t be all the features of IQ-Wic included ?!?

I´m reading this forum quite a while, and it helped my solving some problems, ... thanks so far.....


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DGlass    0


In answer to your questions:

Question1: Unlike the USP-3 modules, were basically an outboard processing unit is placed inside the amplifier, the DSP processing is integrated into the I-Tech amplifier so…. many things will not be the same. If you put 6db of cut into the signal path it is 6db of cut for the frequencies affected by the filter. There isn’t a way to make it up with an output trimmer like in the USP-3. The output trimmer on the USP-3 is like the output level control for an outboard processing unit. It controls the output level that is being driven to the amplifier’s inputs from the processor. In the I-techs because the processing is an integral part of the amplifier system its self if you need it louder you will have to turn the amplifier up or adjust the filter(s) to not cut so much. It's a new way of thinking

Question2: We received the settings from JBL and then make them available on our web site. You will have to ask JBL about the reasoning for their filter tunings.

Question3: HiQ Net has not been released yet. But I am told it will be very shortly.

As much as possible on the first release of HiQ Net will be included from the current IQwic software plus some new interesting things.

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