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Crown CDi1000 Issue

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Tolahouse    0

I have just taken ownership of a Crown CDi1000 and I'm totally new to Crown Amps. It was manufactured in 2006. The fans on it run constantly and are loud, I have seen the same amp albeit a newer one with totally silent fans. I am wondering if I need a firmware update to control/reduce the speed of the fans. If so how can I go about getting the firmware.


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joust    0

Hello Tolahouse,

Since fw, the fan operation has had some changes. The important one, to have the fan enabled (toggled on) at start-up. Start off by powering off the amp; Then, while pressing and keeping the Menu select button pressed, power up. Keep Menu select button pressed until boot-up is complete. If the fan was on this should disable (toggle off) the fan operation at start-up. If you redo this exercise, you will re-enable (toggle on) the fan operation at start-up.

This disabled operation doesn't remove the fan operation but makes it heat dependant. The enabled operation has the fan operating at power-up.

Hope this helps!


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