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sharyboo    0

Hello guys in the ,market for another crown amp for my Dj set. I had a American ....... V10.. :( on my HF drivers it shorted in a gig and took all my drivers.

Anyway i bought 4 new drivers and crossovers but would like to purchase another crown amp ,which amp would anyone recommend for my drivers . I will be using 2 HF drivers a channel.

Great deals on the Xti and drivecore xls or can i use a Cts 600

The HFdrivers are in bi amp with 12in jbl 2206h in custom boxes

Each driver is Eminence PSD-2002 -16

Specs -16ohms 80watts EIA426B @1.2khz

Regards and thank you for any assistance :rolleyes::D

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dakos    0

I'm trying to find out what that 80W at that CEA standard mean, I figured out it's the recommended amp power for these drivers but is it peak power or continuous recommended power I still don't know.

I posted a thread with this question here:


Hope we will have an answer soon.

Why do you have two HF drivers per box?

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