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lizerdking    0

I've been asked to help install the sound in a bar that is currently in the process of being remodeled. I've dealt exclusively with crown equipment in my past and I'd like to remain as such.

it's about 1600 sqft of commercial space, the owner would like to be able to pipe in the dish receivers and switch between them on game days, as well as pipe in loud music when the tv's are not in use.

I plan on installing ceiling mount speakers, and hiding a couple folded horn subs in the walls.

The speakers I can figure out, the amps/mixer I'd like to hear some recommendations, my initial thought is:

2 XTi 1002/2002 depending on how loud he wants to be able to take it. (one for speakers/one for subs)

crown 14m/28m built in behind the bar to feed the amps.

Any other recommendations?

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dakos    0

When designing a sound system, there are allot of variables that go into the equation that leads to a good sounding install, not all of them are amps and speakers related, sound reflection absorbing materials should be considered during the construction, correct speaker placement and such... As for the amps you suggested, it's kinda hard to give advice before I know what speakers you plan on using? How much SPL did you plan on having? Bars usually have loud music for a curtain reason, look here:

This is a link to a good article that explains how much power you need and why:

As for the mixer question, for patching in the TV from time to time and loud music at the rest of the time, maybe the occasional noob artist, I think a small format mixer would do a better job at that, A&H ZED series are very reliable and have great quality, also a very usable (not like other mixers) USB sound card to connect a computer and all at a very good price range.

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