How to power the compact VERTEC's

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sh_kol    0

HI ,

I am looking to buy this used Vertec system:

6 * VT4887

4* VT4882

I want to start working asap , with the minimum money spent, and mybe add more amps later when I get some income out of it.

What amps will you recommand buying ? ( I am OK with used gear)


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dakos    0


You will need to add amps later so we need to take that under consideration, just as a good starting point I suggest you get a couple of used itech 8000 (we'll add more later as this is the bare minimum), one for the tops and the other one for the low frequencies.

Try to get amps that have low hours (less the 2000 is fine), maybe with some warranty left on them. Get the amps serial number and call crown tech supp to see if the amp has all the relevant updates, when was it serviced last and such.

Further down the line when you get the business running, adding more amps and triamping these speakers will give you good results.

To help you better I need to know what kind of music you plan to run through your rig? indoor or outdoor? what kind of additional processing and mixer do you have? What about monitors? Do you have additional gear?

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