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Vracks and Vertec V5 issues ! URGENT !

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h.hamdi    0

Hi All

We are stting up a Vertec system, consisting of 2 x 8 VT4889-1 + 2 x 4 VT4880A along with 6 x Crown Vracks. We are using the latest version for the Performance Manager (PM) software which is activated. We are encountering few issues using PM. You can find attached a copy of the session file you can have a look at. In Online mode the HiQnet IDs and IP addresses are all fine so I can communicate with them.

The system chosen on PM is 3 Way + Sub. We loaded the V5 presets that came along with PM found under Harman Pro folder/Device Files – Performance Manager/Vertec Crown I-Tech HD V5/VerTec VT 4889 VT 4880 VT4880A V5.I-Tech HD Series. Could you please explain in steps how to load these presets onto the amps in PM so that I have my system EQed, delayed, gained etc. according to my set up ?

In offline mode, on the Venue area after loading the Vracks, double clicked on one Vrack and chose the right output mode 3 way + sub. Once I go Online the output mode changes into 3 way + 3way and becomes un-modifiable. This does not alter the physical outputs yet is a bit confusing when you choose a initial set up and then it does not replicate the used one.

Thank you very much and look forward to your soon assistance.


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