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Bridging XTi 4002

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Yeahuwrite    0

I just purchased two XTi 4002's and desire to bridge each one to power a single EAW Fr153z (3-way, 8ohm, 500 w). The manual states that I have to send to both amp inputs and they are summed out of Channel one. Can I just send a SINGLE input to channel one input, and they will still be summed, or do I need to get a Y cable?

Secondly, is a standard, stock NL4 Speakon cable ALREADY configed to send this sum to the cabs, or do I need to rewire it?

Thank you.

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joust    0

On any Crown amplifier, the input to bridge mode is usually set to Ch1. Some older amplifiers will let Ch2 pass signal, but have Ch2 levels set CCW.

So, yes you can use only Ch1 as your main input. The reason they ask to Y both channels is so that L-R (stereo) signals will be mixed and sent to a single channel.

If you know that the same program material (mono) is available to both channels (L-R), then it is not necessary to Y both channels, Ch1 is enough.

good luck

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