GLM-100 Trouble

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CurtZHP    0

I've got a GLM-100 here that seems to be broken. When plugged in all I ever hear out of it is handling noise. Speaking into the microphone only produces audio if I practically put the thing IN my mouth! But handling the wire or the mic itself produces all manner of sound (none of it useful). It also seems to have a very high noise floor (hiss).

Is the capsule shot?

I'd also like to confirm that the capsule is wired properly to the "plug" portion of the mic. Looking at the PCB, there are three wires from the capsule - red, white and ground. What is their correct orientation? The schematic in the included literature doesn't say.

I basically found this thing in a drawer in the transmitter building at the station where I work. It was going to get tossed. I'm beginning to see why.

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