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K2 Faults

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Kormak    0

Hi, would any members have any ideas about a fault on my K2?

The amp was working fine running 2 full range cabs at 4 ohms, 1 per side.

The unit went into sleep mode while the band was on, when signal was later applied

it did not work. No sound at all but the front lights on both channels appear to be

seqencing, ie. going from bottom to the top and repeating.

Can anybody suggest where the fault may be?



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joust    0

You may want to check to see if the thermal switch in the transformer has kicked in (well... disabled!). I believe it is connected to the black wires on the Control board. Normally, it should measure 'short' and open when kicked in. It has similar effects: both channels are not operating. Strange that the thermal switch should kick in since the amp was in Sleep mode... Another possibility, is that the smps has faulted. Verify the 100uF/25V for consistency.

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