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A Few Needs For an old D150

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After buying it on that well known auction site as a $15.00 bargain i had planned to use it as a parts source only.But as usual my will to fix prevailed.After matching up two pairs of outputs from a nice stock of 2N3773's accumulated over the years,then sorting out the repair started and trying to figure out where the poor soul lost interest led me towards Q111,211 the bias transistors.A bias of .021 and .044 right and left would not do so replacing both got it up and running and with 180 ohms and 240 ohms as the selected resistors i knew i was close to a finish.outputs measured .026 and .003 volts across speaker terminals so a little setup of the input and output offset controls topped this amp off and have it working very well as i type.The problem is,as a cadaver,it is missing a face and one of the heat sink fin assemblies.I'm not going to be particular but i know someone has these parts just layin around.Crown still stocks the heatsink but at $54.00 or so for it and $75.00 for the wrong(black) face and no rack ears i am trying here first.I just want to protect the circuit board and internals from accidental contact so maybe i need the grill assembly that covers the board too(no bridge switch)I will pay for anything and shipping too.I will get the fin from Crown as a last resort but the amp warrants some help as it looks like *beep* as it is and is working perfectly. I can't buy one for parts cause some magic spell comes over me and they wind up on the workbench and you all know what happens there,I will need parts for THAT amp.Sorry to ramble but see what you guys can come up with.If necessary call my cell at 914-629-3878,I'm in the NY Metro area.PS. it's not the earliest one as it has the input output offset controls but it doesn't have an A in the model number.The serial number is D-9735 using circuit board number 9357.The fin is the later one that looks like a bunch of H's stacked together,not the one that has the fins at different angles.

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