XTI 6002 power supply buy a new one

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I'm french and i'm living in St Barts, french west indies...

I've 2 news Crown XTI 6002 (15 days), My job is sound manager for events, to rent audio systems.

3 days ago, for a big event, the power AC in 240V has got a over tension very short but all my power supply, of one my Crown XTI 6002, on 4, didn't like it...

Big noise, and dead.

I'm on very small island, but we have a very good guy to repair all our problems, and the regulation of the electricity is our first problem....

Could you please tell me who is supposed to sell me this part of my amplifier.

You'll find a picture of the part to replace.

In advance, thank to tell me where I can order and buy this part.

Best regards.


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joust    0

Bonjour Hervé, un XTI6002 devrait encore être sur la garantie (3 ans à partir de la date d'achat, pas de faute!). De plus, c'est possible que le 'NO FAULT' pourrait être pris en considération. Alors, entrez en communication avec votre dépositaire local Crown pour une meilleure évaluation des possibilitées de service. Bonne chance!

Bonjour du Canada!

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