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I have a itech 6000 that at output level 100v 1kHz but at 20Khz 128V?

I tried adjusting the 6th order pot for thatchannel but could not get it flat.

When will be given manuals and checkout procedures for the itechs?

Any ideas


South Africa

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If I may also ask the same question. When would we be getting some more technically related troubleshoting details on the I-techs. I've been battling to sort out a firmware upload issue via e-mail over a period of 2 weeks now and I haven't received any luck.

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DGlass    0

Currently service information is available through our Service School and the Service Center site of our Web page. As our distributor for South Africa “Wild and Marr” has their own Username and Password to access the Service Center site. If you have forgotten or lost them contact one of us here in Crown Technical Support directly and he will email your Username and Password to you.

Until the check out procedures are officially released from our engineering department follow the same check out procedure for the CTs2000 and 3000. With this information and the information on the Service Center site you should be able to service the amplifiers.

Note to end users:

At this time due to the newness of the Technologies involved in the I-Tech, domestically, we prefer to have them returned to Crown for most service related issues. This will be changing over the next few months as more Authorized Service Centers receive their training.

If you live outside of the US you will need to take service related issues up with your countries Crown distributor

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