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XTI4000 Fault - strong noise and turn off

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mdecarlo    0

Last year, after the same problems reported, the equipment was used in the annual party and they worked without any problems. I thought it was a fleeting thing.

This year again, one of them, after a few minutes on, gives a loud speakers noise, like a strong electrical discharge, the red LED lights up and then the amp shuts down by its own.

The problem happens only on amps purchased in 2009. The 2010 amp has no problem. What can this be? Is there anything I can do, like try to remove the front panel from amp from 2010 and placing in the 2009?

There was any modification in the power supply circuit from 2009 to 2010 models?

Do you want that I make a video from the problem for you to take a look? It is intermittent. Sometimes spends hours without showing and then immediately gives a strong noise and turns off.

Our annual party will take place on December 17 and again I am desperate with the equipment.

If you can help me, I'd be very pleased!!

Below, last year forum posted by me:

I really need some help on my XTI-4000 amps.

I have 3 of them, 2 bought in 2009 (1 in 08/2009 serial # 8001675605, 1 in 11/2009 serial # 8001689605) e 1 bought this year (11/2010 serial # 8500331741). The amps is very little used, once in a year in december, for a annual party. This year, I put two amps (both from 2009) to work and, after minutes, one of them start to play a "scratch" noise on left channel. This one is playing with a pair of JBL JRX-115. Note that is occur even with the volume knobs at zero.

Afraid to blow drivers of JRX-115, I put this one to play subs (pair of JRX-118S) and put the another one to play on JRX-115. The noise of first one continue, even now playing on JRX-118S, naturally.

However, yesterday the second one starts same thing, playing same "scratch" noise on left channel. Now I have two amps with same problem on left channel.

I've disconnected the audio cables from in and left the amps with knobs at zero level and the noise continue. Switch from one JRX-115 to another and noise follows the channel.

What might be happening? Why I don't have this on right channel? Any tip to solve this?

I'm afraid that amps stop working at the party, that will be at december, 18. I trust in Crown and I bought these amps because that.

Please, help me!

Thanks a lot!!

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