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Settings for XTI 2000 and two 18" Black Widow

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piruloy2k    0

Hi Team;

I have an xti 2000 running two Peavey 18" Black Widow chained ( run at 4omh)

Rigth know i just set the amp to Bridge Sub, and connect one sub to channel A and connect the other

to the sub.

System works ok, but I want to get out the most from my system.

Im a newby on this, close to one year, and theres a lot of settings to change at the software ( corssover, eqs, etc etc)

Is theres a recommended setting to get the most out of this subs?



Puerto Rico

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tlureman    0

How are you connecting to "channel A" I'm assuming this is channel 1 and that you are using speakon? If you are using speakon, on the AMP END ONLY, the connector must be wired to 1+ and 2+. You may want to google search using speakon connectors in bridge mode.

Otherwise use banana connectors or bare wire and connect to the two red terminals instead of speakon.

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