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XTI-2000 Completely Dead , any fuse?

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piruloy2k    0

Hi Team;

I have a XTI 2000 no power on, completely dead. Is under warranty but I have a lot of parties to do on this holidays.

I already disconnect all speaker cables, and also the power cord and try, but no luck.

I have another XTi2000 unit and works OK.

Both of them have only 15 months with me.

Is there is a way I can verify any fuse prior to send it to repair.??

I cant find any outside fuse on it, and I dont want to open the case to avoid loose warranty.

What are my options?

Carlos Brea

Puerto Rico

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Steve.C    0

Ok my XTi 2000 amp is also dead. Saturday (4/14/12) it was working fine but i took it out of the rack as I didnt need the amp at the gig (my buddy took his XTi 4002). Today Monday I dusted it off, put it back in the rack and plugged it in and now it wont turn on. Its out of warranty so I opened it up and i hear a buzzing noise around the fuse area. My amp was manufactured back in 2007 so i don't think its the power supply. Hopefully its just the fuse but if anybody have an idea of what it could be, please let me know. Thanks

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