xti2000 with 2 JBL118S subs

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Mike123    0

I currently running 2 JBL JRX118S - 18 Inch, 300/1400 Watts, 4ohms each and a xti2000 amp

My question is what would be the best settings for my subs. I’m looking only for low frequencies only. I’ve played around with the setting on a XTI2000 amplifier but I don’t know if I’m maximizing my amplifier correctly. Right now I have it set to SUB SYNTH, right channel to one sub and left channel too the other. Is there any other possible configurations that would make any difference, e.g. speaker config, amp config, or both. Or should i get a new amplifier with higher Watt ratings?

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tlureman    0

You could try selecting "2ch subs" in the XOV section. After that, I would suggest downloading Band Manager or System Architect software, connecting the amp to your computer with a USB cable, and make a customer crossover.

In fact, if you're willing to go with the software, send an email to crownsupport@harman.com and we'll set you up with a preset tuned for those speakers. Just reference your original post in the email and a request for the preset with a 118 on both channels.

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