Crown I-Tech PFC Power Supply / 110v/220v

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Getting ready for my Crown I-Tech 8000's and I'm wanting to get another power "rac pac" built. You input your 220v power supply and then it breaks the power down into 6 breakers with 20A or 30A breakers.

The previous one that I had, had 6 - 20A breakers. With the Crown i-Techs and the PFC, I want to give the amps a full 30A breaker with 220v power.


I want to make 4 - 30A breakers for the I-Tech's, and then just 2 - regular 110v/20A breakers for misc. equipment.

What I need to know is what 30A tips/ends do the I-Techs come with, to input into the wall? Is there a tip that looks just like a regular 110 outlet BUT IT HAS ONE PRONG TURNED SIDE WAYS SO THAT IT IS A 30A?

I need to get another Rac Pac built and this is what I need to know to get it configured.

I want to get 4 - 30A for the I-Techs, and

This is the Rac Pac that I had built the 1st time....


I can get configured ANY KIND OF WAY....





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DGlass    0

The I-Techs ship with 5 power cables that have a 20 amp NEC connector to a:

20 amp / 125 volt, 5-20P NEMA plug

16 amp / 250 volt, European Standard “Schuko” Plug

13 amp / 250 volt, British Standard Rectangular Blade plug

15 amp / 250 volt, Australian Standard Flat Blade plug

16 amp / 250 volt, Old British Round Pin plug

The power supply of the I-Tech amplifiers is a Switching Power Supply with PFC. They will take whatever voltage they are plugged into and make what is needed inside the amplifier. As Voltage goes up generally Current requirements go down so the I-Techs largest current requirements (in the US) would be on a 120 volt system.

If you want to run the I-Techs on 240 volts in the US you will need to find a supplier of cables that make a 15 amp / 240 volt plug to a NEC 20 in line receptacle. This 15 amp plug could be something like a NEMA 6-15P. After you find a supplier for the cables you would then need to order your AC Distro with Nema 6-15R receptacles.

You could also put NEMA L6-20P, 20A / 250 volt twist locks on the end of your cables. This way you could order your AC Distro with the standard matching L6-20R receptacles, even though you wouldn’t need a 20 amp plug with the I-Techs on 240 volts. A big however here….. Because of the size of the twist locks they will limit the number of outlets on each Distro and the number of amplifiers.

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Bud Bolf    0


I am not familiar with the Rac Pac's but I wonder if you've called them direct and explained how you plan to use it, ie. with your I-Tech's.

They might be able to tell you what the best Cable / Receptacle setup is for your Rac Pac. And how you need the Rac Pac configured.

I see Rac Pac's discussed over at ProSoundWeb's Live Audio Board and Lab Lounge, so I'm sure that the Rac Pac Manufacturer, is probably pretty familiar with Live Sound and Amplifier needs.

Just a thought.


PS. I forgot that I was on page 2 and this is a older post. I'm sure that crystalJukeBox has since recieved his Amps and Rac Pac. Sorry if this is redundent and old news. I guess to others, if your getting a Rac Pac, give them a call.

Maybe CrystalJukeBox will follow up and let us know what configuration was finally decided upon with his Rac Pac and the I-Tech's

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I know this is an old post, but some of you out there may want to think about this. Putting L-5/30 (30 amp Twist Loc) connectors on your I-Tech Power cables and Building Rac Pacs that have L-5/30 Output Receptacles. This would give you a full 30 amp load available to your I-Techs at 120 volts and makes a simple Rac Pac for Three Amplifiers. Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc., Sacrament, CA

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