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Faulty Macro-Tech 5000i Repaired

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DjLeco    0

Thanks CROWN STUFF for help, the amp was fixed.

The amp has been repaired, and after repair,tested in hard conditions.

Being out of warranty, and out of hand to be sent in USA to Crown service (I'm based in Romania) I asked schematics to Crown Staff (very punctually, thank them for that) and I have fixed it, finally. :D

Movies are in Romanian language, but the movies are very easy to understand it.

Mine mistake is in first movie (INTRO), I have told , the SMPS is half bridge , but is FULL BRIDGE, sorry for that.

His comportament is like her sister Itech 5000HD, inside being almost the same, both of them, excepting display part and output stage (few small differences at output stage).

I can give 10 stars for SMPS part :) , where in idle I have measured +/- 162,5Vdc , and in full load, both channels loaded with 4 ohms dummy load, it dropps till +/- 161Vdc with almost 4,5 Kw loaded :o .

Minuses points are for very noisy cooling, and small slew rate above 14Khz in squarewave testing.

Ok, let's the movies speak!





Some oscillograms in squarewave at 100-1000-10000Hz




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