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Why is the JBL MP418sp (660 W,. 4 ohms) external amp louder than the Crown XTi1000 (1450 W bridged, 4 ohms)

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I played a gig last night where I was using the JBL MP418sp external amp to power two EV ZX3 8 ohm speakers. That external amp is rated at 660 W at 4 ohms. To get more volume, I decided to run those mains with a Crown Xti1000 am bridged at 4 ohms which is supposed to give 1450 W of power. I was running the amp just below peak but I was not getting near the volume I had the previous night with the MP418sp external amp so I switched back. Can someone help me understand why the MP418sp external amp would produce so much more volume with a much lower power rating?



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