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XTi 1000 Issues!

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Hi Folks,

New here and literally pulling my hair out - Can anyone help?

Just taken delivery of my 1st Crown amp, an XTi1000. I want to insert a High Pass Filter so need to connect to System Architect or Band Manager. I have downloaded both, but neither will acknowledge that I have an amp connected - It will not detect the amp at all.

There is reference to downloading new firmware. I have downloaded the firmware file, however as System Architect does not acknowledge the amp I can't update via that. The other mention on the web is to use the 'CLoader' programme, which was supposed to be within the SA Zip file, but it was not, there was nothing in the zip file other than the SA installer.

So I have an amp, no way of installing firmware and it won't talk to Band Manager or SA. I've been trying for 5 hours now and I'm going insane.




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Right - thanks to this very forum I found an old post with a download for CLoader an I now how a working amp with upto date firmware and a high pass filter as Intended. I have however some across another issue :(

I'm a bassist and I've recently invested in a Pre and power amp set up. Finally got everything together today and had a good play. EBS 1v2 & Crown XTi 1000.

Set up and running fine. No problems. Noise free etc etc... Until I plug my pedalboard in.

I use a huge pedalboard as part of my setup and it's vital to what I do. Going bass to Pre to power works fine. Add the board and the power amp produces a loud low frequency hum with static-like harmonics. Very low, prob around 50hz, similar to unplugging the jack from your bass and putting your thumb on it, thoigh mixed with the actual signal. The sound is definately produced by the power amp as increasing volume makes it louder, where as reducing volume and pushing the volume on the preamp produces a clean (er) signal.

Take the board out and it's perfect again.

I've spent 2 years building this board and investing in noise free powering systems and it's very successful. I usually get no hum at all from my signal chain. To ensure something had not gone wrong with the board I have tried the board through 3 bass amps today as well, all provide noise free signal, but not the XTi.

As the Pre/power set up works flawlessly without the board and the board works flawlessly with every other amp I'm pretty sure there is no 'fault' - but I'd hate to think I have invested in an amp that hates my setup. Half the reason I went for the XTi was its reputation with noise filtering etc etc

I've just had to rehearse with my HD350 again due to the noise issues. Tried thing like swapping cables, tuning off lighting, trying different plug sockets etc but nothing changes - but given it works fine without the pedalboard I doubted this would be an issue.



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