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I own a XTI2000 that failed on 9/17. Sent it back to Crown direct on 9/23 or so and here we are 11/3 and no amp!

The amp was purchased new in Feb of this year and the warranty was registered My last e-mail from them indicated that it was a component level repair and it would take time. That was on 10/5.

Two questions:

1) Is this the normal turn-around time for repairs?

2) Does anyone from Crown read this board?

I copied Kip Whitehead on this issue as he was the only name I could find on the site that looked like they could help.

My last comment in the two e-mails I sent on 11/2 was "what is Crown going to do to keep me as a customer?"

apperently, not much…

Also the warranty repair site has been down since before my ordeal started.

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tlureman    0

Hi, I'm sorry you're experiencing distress from our service turnaround time. In July, Harman Pro switched over to a new computer system that did not go nearly as smoothly as we had hoped. As a result, many of our processes either slowed or stopped. Our ability to actually sit down and fix amps did not change, so I understand your frustration in why there has been a delay.

To make a long story short, when amps come in for repair then need to get checked in, go through service, go through finance to count against a warranty expense, and a few other departments. All of these steps are essential in order to keep proper records to better service our customers. I know it's easy to think "just fix the amp, send it back, do the paperwork later", but the truth is that it is illegal for us to report accounting activities at times they did not occur. The end result of this switch was a backlog of amps that we could not get back to the customer in as timely a fashion as we would like. Most of these processes are running much better now, and we now have to play catch up.

I hope by now you have received your amp. I am truly sorry it has taken so long. I have talked to many people in your predicament, I really do understand your frustration. We are currently on a plan to have our amp turnaround time reduced significantly in the very near future, without sacrificing the repair quality, however, I hope you do not have to experience an amp failure again.

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