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Crown XTi 2000

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I recently purchased two Crown XTi 2000 amps. The output on both amps seems to be fine but, on one of the amps the signal led will go off on channel 2. Upon powering the unit off and then on again the led check lights will go through there test pattern, all of them showing except the channel 2 signal led. Increasing signal to the amp, the channel 2 -20 led will start to kick in as normal. If I leave the unit overnight, the channel 2 signal led comes on again and then turns off after some use. I'm using this amp to drive 2 - 200watt horn subs in parallel per side (Tuba 24s - 8ohms each for approximately a 5ohm load) and am running the amp in CH1 + CH2 mode. Switching to stereo does not make a difference. I'm concerned as this is a new unit and shipping from my location to a service center will be almost as much as the amp itself. Much of this is new to me, so I'm wondering if I ought to be concerned.


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